Breastfeeding is the completely natural way to feed your baby, and also provides additional short-term and long-term health benefits for both mother and child. The experience of breastfeeding can be a very satisfying and relaxing one, promoting closeness between mother and child.

If you have any concerns regarding breastfeeding, or need to find out how to breastfeed properly, there are many sources of help, advice and support available including your midwife, self help groups, telephone helplines and breastfeeding counsellors.

Feeding of baby

Signs your baby is attached correctly:

* Baby's chin should touch the breast

* Baby's mouth is wide open

* Baby's cheeks are round and full (not sucked in)

* At first baby's sucks may be fast and then slower and longer

* It feels like a strong drawing sensation .This may be a bit
uncomfortable for the first few sucks, but after that it should be pain free.

* If your baby has been well positioned and attached for
breastfeeding , he/she will finish the feed by coming off the
breast and will appear sleepy and contented. He/she will finish the feed of own accord.